Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shop Update for 5/25/12

Hi everyone!  I know, I've been really quiet around here lately, but I have truly been busy at home with my lovely kids, sewing projects and the like.  I actually was out of town this weekend with my hubby for a long awaited getaway.  We cashed in our Christmas present from his parents and took a trip to Niagara Falls for a couple's getaway.  It was fantastic!  I saw the falls for the first time ever while riding the Maid of the Mist.

Anywho, you all clicked on here because the title said Shop Update.  I will be posting some new bags on the site tomorrow.  They are a pattern I've been wanting to try from Jeni @ In Color Order.  I absolutely love it!  Well worth the small investment to purchase.  Here is a sneak peak, you'll have to stop at the shop tomorrow to see them in all their glory.  :)
I am also linking up with Melissa for TNT Thursday, seeing as these were new for me.  :)
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