Friday, January 31, 2014

A finish for January's ALYoF 2014 Edition!

Well, I actually finished my goal this month!  Woop!  Though, I almost didn't make the posting!  I started out with this as my goal: To finish my Super Tote:

And here is the finished result!

This was so fun to make!  I used the added recommendations for the interfacing to make it a stiffer, sturdier bag.  I'm so glad that I did!  I quilted each piece with SF101 on the back and cotton batting. Then fused Craft Fuse 808, I believe it is, on after.  I really hop that my partner enjoys this tote!  I for sure do!  I really hope to make this a habit of finishing one thing a month, on top of everything else that is!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hello! Can you see me? I've been

Hiding under a mountain of quilts!  A good thing?  Yes, but it's kept me far, far away from the blogging universe!  I've been wanting to write, to keep you all in the loop of this crazy life, but it's just been so, well, crazy!  I never thought that my Memory Quilts would be quite so popular, I was wrong.  For the last six months, I've been trying to keep up with the orders as well as homeschooling and cleaning the home.  As my family can attest, I haven't been the best.  Oh, and don't forget, I moved in August as well!  So, on top of everything else, we've been unpacking.  My wonderful family actually came up for a weekend, in their RV, and helped me to organize the weekend before Thanksgiving.  This was a huge help as I was hosting the family meal the following weekend!  It is my hope to start blogging a bit more regularly!  I am aiming for at least once a week.  We'll see how well that works!

Here are some pictures of what I've been doing these last few months!

I finally finished this quilt for my cousin after sending it out to a longarmer for the quilting.  Hand stitching the binding of a king sized quilt is no small task!

Participated in a small swap on flickr.  This is what I sent out:
Again, another swap:
 Pattern tested this lovely bag for Anna of charmedliebling which I gave to my sister for her birthday:
 Made this cute clutch for a custom order for a woman who loves dachunds:
 And this bag for another customer:
 Made this noodlehead clutch for my daughter for her birthday:

 Made this set for a sewing room swap:

Pattern tested this wonderful bag for Sara of Sewsweetness, gave it to my Mom for her birthday:

(Said birthday girl, hehe!) My sister threw her a surprise party!  It was totally awesome!

Made this wonderful tote for another swap:

My hubby built these for me.  One is a cutting table (not pictured) and this is my ironing table. I absolutely love it!

Made this table runner for Thanksgiving:

Here it is again with the pies I made for Thanksgiving:

One of five embroidery sayings for a set of memory quilts:

Two infinity scarves for my nieces:

A birthday party for my second daughter:

On the same day we had Christmas with my mom:

Whipped these up for my little guy, but he's too big.  Oh well, in to the bag for my newest niece/nephew to arrive late May!

A Christmas Swap:

A picture of one of the many quilts for customers.  I don't know what I did with the rest of the photos...

So, there ya have it.  My goal this month is to finish my current orders.  Though, for the A Lovely Year of Finishes Challenge for January, I am posting this little guy:

It is for the Sew Sew Modern Swap hosted on flickr.  I am excited to make this as I have one of my own and love the bag!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Well, hello there everyone!  I think I fell off the face of blogland!  I've been very busy with shop orders, getting quilts made.  I hit a road block when I ran out of basting spray and my local stores were out of stock!  I ordered more online and now that I have it in my possession, I can finish off the last of the current quilts.  In the meantime, I've been working on swap projects and {gulp} packing!

Yes, we are in the middle of finding a new place. Not what I anticipated I'd be doing this summer.  So, on top of all my orders, swaps, finishing paperwork for last school year and prepping this year's, reviews, and everyday life, I did not want to add this!  But, add it I must.  We still have no clue as to where we're going but, thankfully, the Lord does!

Here are some pictures of what I've been working on:

A fabric basket as an angel package for a swap. Now I just need to fill with goodies.

Mug Rug for another swap. It is finished now, but I can't reveal the entire piece in fear of revealing who my partner is!

Started my Made to Measure Quilt for our bed using Pure by Sweetwater.  Thanks to Angela for her destash I was able to grab this to go with what I had left!

A Triple Zip Pouch for a swap.  I used a Swoon block pattern and shrunk it down.  The block measured just under 7 inches when I finished.  (For those who don't know, this block is originally 24 inches!)
 Halfway basted quilt.  I can now finish this as my spray is in my hands!  Woohoo!

I've done a few other odds and ends throughout along with the packing, but this is all I have decent pictures of!

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Camp Stitch-a-lot Bag

I pattern tested another wonderful bag pattern for Sara of SewSweetness.  I had a lot of fun making this bag as I used some yummy fabric from my stash.  This bag is huge!  It was made for the purpose of holding a lot of project pieces for retreats and it didn't disappoint!  I already put one of my larger cross-stitching projects inside and there is plenty more room to fill with stuff!  I plan on stuffing it with projects to take with me to our family's annual Cousin's Camp on the off-chance I have down time at night to stitch.  We shall see if I have energy at the end of the day to pull it out!  

Head on over to Sara's blog to see more lovely bags! (or to purchase the pattern for yourself!)

A Lovely Year of Finishes: End of the Month Finishes

It's that time again!  Remember how I said that I was going to finish all of my quilts this month?  Well, I got really close!

I bit the bullet and talked with one of my customers and we decided to send this bad boy to my friend who professionally long-arms! The quilt is 104" square and I was afraid of messing up the quilting as I've never done anything bigger than a twin!  I have no pictures of the finished top, so this picture will have to suffice until I get it back!

I finished two other quilts:

I have a third almost basted and ready to quilt.  I ran out of my basting spray!  Boohoo!

I have numbers 5, 6, and 7 cut and interfaced.  They are crib-sized and should go rather quickly.

All in all, I didn't get the entire list finished but I cut it in half!  I am linking up with Shanna over at Fiber of all Sorts for the month.  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

When life gets crazy!

I am still here!  Really!  I've just been very busy trying to finish up many quilts these last few weeks!  Throw in an unexpected one day round trip (14 hours of driving) to Long Island for my Great-grandmother's memorial and you can understand why I've been absent!  The quilts are nearing completion and, once they're finished, I promise to take pictures of them all for you to see.

School just ended yesterday for my oldest, her first year in public school, and she's already spending the day at a friend's house!  :)  My other kids are also finished, yay!  We're just doing reviews for the summer and they're spending lots of time outdoors!

Well, there is a quick recap of what's been happening.  I hope to write more soon! And with pictures of quilts!

Just so there is a picture in this post, here is one of the beach at the Marina where we held my G.G.'s memorial:

It was a beautiful day!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Memoria Press:Geography I: A TOS Review

 photo Geography1-CompleteSet_zps84b09173.png

I was recently asked to review Geography Workbooks from Memoria Press for the crew.  We reviewed Geography I, which covers the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe.  Also included is a review text for the United States, the material you would have covered the previous year in their curriculum line-up.  This set is their fourth grade unit and my son, who will be entering fourth grade this fall, was the lucky recipient.  I see a pattern here!  He gets to try out a ton of new material through this!  

The complete set, as pictured above, includes the student text, workbook, teacher's guide, review worktext, and review test book for $48.00.  I found this to be a great value as the review text alone was more than a review in the general sense.  To me, I found it to be more like a complete unit study.  The maps were well done, easy to navigate and very thorough.  

The actual text to review, the Geography I, was excellent!  You learned of 2-3 countries per week.  The student text is well written.  With each new area you learn, say Lebanon, it'll have it's ancient name, Phoenicia, associated with it.  It has a list of "fast facts" listing the more important details: major cities, language, population, climate, etc.  It gives a history lesson with each country as well as 'tour' of it as it looks today.  The worktext is nice in that it causes the student to learn how to use an atlas.  They learn how to read a map in order to find cities, bodies of water, land masses and the like.  I love how it doesn't just give them everything, that they have to search it out for themselves.  

I also like the price, it costs just under $10 per book, not bad for all that you receive.  And with only two of the five being consumable, you recoup your cost over time.  

Another thing that I liked was that Thomas could do it, for the most part, independently.  Searching out cities on the map or figuring out whether boarders were land/man made we'd work out together.  It's fun seeing how independent he is getting with his schooling and curriculum such as this helps spur it further!

I'm still debating on my school curriculum for the fall, but I will say that this is on the 'maybe list' as one my choices.  It's a great curriculum and they have a great array to choose from!  This is only the geography portion to their full curriculum for fourth grade.  All in all, I really liked this material.  

Click here to check out more reviews.

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