Monday, July 11, 2011

Day #1 of Bible in 90Days, "Wait upon God's will instead of forcing your own."

Using the SOAP method:
S: (Scripture) Genesis 1:1-16:16

O: (Observation) God creating the earth and all of life.  The destruction of the Earth in a flood due to earth's wickedness.  The salvation of one family because of the father's righteousness.  Abram's beginnings and his journey to Canaan.

A: (Application)  God protects the righteous as He showed with Noah and saving his family from utter destruction. 
         God has a perfect plan for our lives; we tend to mess it up due to our own impatience and lack of faith.  With Noah, he obeyed and didn't rush God's plan.  He built the ark, he gathered the food, he gathered the animals.  It never once mentions him doubting or questioning God in this passage.  He was blessed, his family survived; they were the start of mankind's second chance.  Now with Abram, in the beginning he followed unquestioningly; he left and traveled.  We get to the account of Sarai and Abram and waiting for their promise of an abundant heritage.  Sarai doubted God and through her lack of faith coupled with Abram's impatience, Hagar is used to fulfill the promise through their own methods.  What they failed to recognize were the negative consequences that were to come from that one action.  Sarai's maid despised her and her child, Ishmael, was to be a wild man, against every man.  He was going to bring and cause strife his entire life.

P: (Prayer)  I pray that I don't try and rush your timing by doing what I think is best but, instead, wait upon Your best for me so that I receive Your blessings and not negative consequences caused by following my own desires.

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