Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The kid's rooms

I never did post pictures during my cleaning challenge of the kid's rooms.  I have almost finished with the bunk bed in the girl's room; waiting on one more mattress.  So, I thought, better late than never!
Before: Girl's Room:
Crazy, ain't it!

Boy's Room before:

I ended up throwing out one entire bed, it was mine from when I was about 13!  It had lived a nice, long life.  I put all the girls into one room, finally, by reassembling the one bunk we had and purchasing a second.  Moved the bed that isn't a bunk into the boy's room and put the crib in there for the baby.  Now everyone is where they 'belong'.  It feels good to have that finished, now just waiting for that mattress!  :)
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