Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm back from vacation

Well, we arrived home late Monday night, much to my children's disappointment.  They didn't want to be separated from their cousins; whose to blame them?  It was a full, exciting and fun week!  We enjoyed fellowship with our family for the week and then celebrated my in-laws 40th Wedding Anniversary.  We also enjoyed the 4th of July parade with the family before embarking home.  I came home hoping to finish cleaning the living room, however I just spent the day recovering!  I am tired after such a full week.  I am planning on doing my challenge for tomorrow and getting back on track to finish out the challenge strong.  Thanks for keeping me all accountable!
Not the best shot, but this is the "project" that I had to complete before we left for Cousin's Camp.  It is a family tree that I designed as a gift for Tom and Jan's 40th.
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