Monday, December 12, 2011

Manic Monday

Well, it has been a while since I have done Manic Monday!  I figured today would be a good day to catch up with us heading into the 12 days of Christmas.  AHH!  So much to do...
Anyways, this was my previous list:
1. Exercise routine, fell off of the wagon last week trying to get those pouches made!
2. School lessons, the kids don't mind I've fallen behind. :) Really need to get some plans made for while they're out of town.
3. Christmas Sampler Quiltalong, my computer and printer are now talking to each other. Yay!
4. Housecleaning, can't leave for vacation with a disaster of a house.
5. Catch up on laundry and get the kids packed for a 10 day stay at Grandma and Grandpa's.
6. Charms Pack Quiltalong
7. Bee blocks!
8. Whatever else I'm forgetting, I know I am!

Okay, I was really bad!  The week with the kids away and all my grand ideas of planning and catching up fell flat!  I instead, spent three days in a drug-induced sleep.  I.Hate.Vicodin!  It made my so dizzy and sleepy.  But I am no longer in pain!  I have so much more energy now that my teeth are no longer bothering me.  I had someone on facebook ask her friends which they'd prefer: labor or tooth pain.  I prefer labor hands down!

Alright, now to my new list!
1. Two Esty orders: they are custom orders, must get cracking!
2. Cleaning my house.  A never-ending endeavor with six kids...
3. Christmas presents: I have a set of pillows to make, the rest I am buying.
4. A purse to make
5. Lesson plans
6. Exercise.  I haven't done any since the surgery.  Feel like I've been playing catch-up
7. Finish cowl I'm crocheting.
I haven't made any progress in either the 12 Days to Christmas Sampler or Charms Sampler.  Hopefully after the holidays I'll be able to pick them back up.

With Christmas coming, what do have planned for your Manic Monday?
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