Saturday, March 31, 2012

3in30 goals for April


Well, over this last month, I've realized that my priorities have been a bit skewed.  With that in mind I am jumping back into 3 in 30.  I really fell off the wagon last month.  Here is my list of goals for April.

1.  Less computer time, more family time.  I am going to implement my daily routine chart and stick to it.  This means using my chart in regards to our daily doings from chores to homeschool to computer time to quilting time.  

2. Exercise.  I also really fell off the wagon with this one.  I woke up to the alarm and, you know the tune, turned it off and rolled over.  I will run a 5k in May.  In order to do that, I will need to run every morning!  

3. Daily devotionals.  I have never been good with this, ever!  So, instead of rolling over at the alarm, I will read my devotional and then go running.  

  I'm going to definitely need accountability with this month as I know that once I've stated my goals, I'll be besieged by excuses and road blocks.  Please help me to stay accountable.  If I don't post a weekly update, harass me!  :)  Linking up over at 3 in 30.

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