Sunday, December 30, 2012

100 Day Hustle-Wrap Up!

Well, it's that time!  It's the end of the year and I finished some of the list.  I also finished other items that weren't on the list and others I never even touched!
Here's the rundown:

1. Lauren's Quilt finished 10/15/12

2. Custom ordered burp cloths finished 11/1/12

3. bee a {modern} swapper blocks
4. quilts for cancer blocks
5. sew.bee.create blocks
7. comfort quilts bee blocks
These were ongoing swaps and I am finishing up the last of them for the year.  Sorry, no pictures.  :(
6. not your granny's bee blocks finished 10/10/12

8. Stef and Sean's wedding quilt finished 10/16/12

9. charity quilt #1: red/green/yellows top done and ready to sandwich
I just need to quilt it!

10. charity quilt #2: blue/white
I just need to quilt it!

11. Sean's birthday quilt
Have fabrics and pattern.  Now to find the time.  Maybe for his next year's birthday?

12.  Stef's Embroidery Wall hanging
Stared at it...

13. Baby blanket for friend-Quilting as of 12/18/12
Baby arrived this week (shares a birthday with my J-boy!)  Now I really need to finish!

14. Flaming Cowl for shop finished 9/25/12

15. Lonestar Wall hanging for home
Still sitting in it's project bag!  Sigh

16. Across the Sea quilt
Still sitting in it's project bag!

17. 3x6 bee block quilt-so many squares to be made into something for me!
Yep, nothing on this one either!

18. Moody Blues bee quilt-need to put that together!  orange/yellow/black

19. my sew.bee.create blocks made into a quilt as well- Fandango Finished 12/20/12 as a gift for my Great-Grandmother!

20. Pair of socks I've been working on forever...on the needles!
Put aside to work on custom orders and Christmas gifts!

21. Ben's quilt
Nada!  One of my goals to finish this year!

22. fix bean bag
23. fix monkey stuffed animal
Still sitting in the to-do pile.

24. fix Thomas' watch
He fixed it.  :)

25. Pouches for shop:  have done two custom orders this November

26. Custom-ordered fingerless gloves finished 11/14/12

These weren't on the list:
Custom ordered sleepers for my sister-in-laws two youngest:

Made this for a friend as a thank-you gift:

Made these as a custom order for a friend:

Made these as Christmas presents:
This shawl was for my mom: sorry for the not-so-great picture

 And these were for my daughter:

I also made a 241 tote for my sister and silly me forgot to take a picture! *Updated-My wonderful sister sent me a picture!  Oh, she also sent me a picture of the wine bag I made her as well!  :)

I've been one busy lady!  I currently have another custom order on my needles for my Aunt as well as two custom ordered memory quilts.  I better get cracking if I'm to finish everything before my little one's arrival mid-February!

I'll be linking up with Kelsey!

Have a Happy New Year!

Oh, and check back in a day or so for the Traveling Stash Giveaway!  Yes, I won this last round and now I'm trying to decide what to keep and what to add!  :)
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