Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Well, I have been wanting to become a bit more regular with my blog posting, but life has been extremely busy and when I'm on the computer I've been too tired to write!  So, I thought that I'd take little steps and try to at least post for WIP Wednesdays!

I've been busy with quilts for the shop and that is why I've not had much by way of finishes.  I can at least show my wip which is getting there.
Here are half the blocks assembled:

Here are the other half ready for assembly:

 I've been sitting on this quilt forever!  This is a bee quilt where wonderful ladies sent me the blocks and I've yet to assemble and give to it's intended recipient.  So, I got them on the design wall.  I actually plan on pulling four of the blocks out, decreasing the size of the quilt to make it more wheelchair friendly, and placing them on the back.

I also have a gigantic box of children's clothing to turn into a quilt for a customer as well as a large bag for another.  I'll also have a couple more boxes arriving to create quilts from.  Yes, six customer quilts.  See why I'm not posting too often!  

Well, I have to sign off.  Hope to be back again next week and, Lord willing, I'll have progress to report!

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