Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday before vacation!

Well, I planned on packing today.  Ended up not packing, will wait until tomorrow.  I did, however, get my schoolroom cleaned!  It looks so nice.  I threw a huge lawn bag full of garbage out; I know it's horrible!  Boxed up a box full of toys that were laying around in there that the kids never play with and will probably never miss!  Finished the laundry so that end of the room is empty now as well.  It feels so nice to be able to look at the school room and know if I keep it clean, school can function well in the fall.  So, here are the before and afters
See the dysfunction?
Now, the after:

Rebekah saw me taking pictures and wanted me to snap one of her.  The little cutie!
It feels nice to have the rooms looking clean and orderly.  It makes me less stressful and frustrated.  See you all next week!
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