Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Lovely Year of Finishes: March Edition

Well, it's that time of the month for goal setting!  I have had the same quilt to finish these last two months, and sadly, this month it's the same quilt!  I've made progress on it but the quilting I chose is just taking it's time to finish!  I hope to finish this quilt before the month is out as well as finish some custom ordered quilts!

Here is a picture of the quilt that's been in progress way too long!

I only have three more white sections to quilt and then I just need to bind it.  I hope to finish before mid month.  

I also have a few orders that need completing.  I have a 241 Tote and a Gathered Clutch to make for an order as well as a queen-sized quilt.  I've cut all the pieces for the quilt and I've picked out the fabrics for the tote and clutch.

So, we'll see just how much I get done this month!  I have to squeeze this in alongside homeschooling as well as a newborn and clingy 2 year old who is adjusting to no longer being the baby of the bunch.  :)

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