Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Abraham's Journey: A Review


I was asked to review this quick little read, Abraham's Journey, from Inspiring the American Dream.
An excerpt from the site, "ABRAHAM’S JOURNEY: A Celebration of the American Dream tells the story of a young boy, who through his faith, imagination and entrepreneurial spirit, sets out to achieve the American dream. Colorfully and meticulously illustrated, young and old alike will be captivated as they follow Abraham on his magical journey."

Recommended ages: 3 grade on up
Price: $14.99 USD

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This book is a quick read.  My eight year old son was able to read it on his own in under 30 minutes.  He enjoyed the graphics and the story line.  At the end of the book there are quick little biographies of the characters that Abraham meets throughout his journey.

This book, in my opinion, doesn't go very deep into what the "American Dream" truly is.  It is more of a surface overview.  It quickly introduces people from history who embodied the dream, but doesn't delve into what they each stood for.

One thing that I found somewhat unrealistic in this story is that both parents have suffered job losses due to the "Great Recession" and yet Abraham has a smart phone that he is transported into for this story.  Personally, if both parents are without jobs, how does their son have one?  Maybe that is the new 'dream'?  Being able to afford products we can't pay for?  Sorry, that doesn't hold true for me.

In essence, I felt that this book needed to go further into what the American Dream really is and dig deeper into each character that he met.  Also, while I admire Abraham's spunk in finding his 'talent', I don't feel he'd be able to accomplish what he did without the upfront capital needed to purchase the supplies he needed in order to sell what was led to believe in order to purchase gifts.

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