Monday, August 22, 2011

Mariah's Quilt & A New Sponsor!

This week has been rather busy for me.  I finally, after over a year, finished my first official quilt.  I had planned on finishing it for Mariah's 10th birthday, last October, but just never did.  I was pregnant at the time, followed by giving birth a few months later as well as a move.  It feels great to have it finally finished.  Mariah hasn't unwrapped herself from it yet.  :)  Here are some pictures of it:  BTW, the front and the back are identical.  I think I was crazy when I concocted this quilt.

Also, as the title of this post states, I have a sponsor!  My first one ever.  I love to purchase fabric, and I've discovered this wonderful online shop, which makes it so easy!  I plan on having a giveaway with them sometime in September.  In order to do that, I'd love to see my blog reach a milestone.  Right now, I have 7 followers with google and 15 with networked blogs.  I'd like to see the number reach 50.  If you follow with networked blogs and have a google account, might you also follow with that in order to better calculate the total?  Once I reach 50, I'll set up the giveaway.  It'll be something awesome from, I promise!  So spread the word!
Thanks, Lisa
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