Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Surprise Visit!

Yesterday our family had a nice little surprise, well to the kids it was a surprise.  Grandma and Grandpa drove the RV up to our house yesterday for us to use for this upcoming weekend.  Every year our church has what is know as our "Annual Family Camper Conference" where we spend the weekend up at the church camp.  This year I wasn't planning on going.  I mean really, what sane mother would stay in a 10 person tent with 6 kids when daddy would only be there at night?  Exactly.  So, grandparents came to the rescue!  They are letting us use their RV for the weekend, my kind of camping.  :)

Which brings me to my next point, I will be without internet for the weekend.  So, I won't be checking blogs, emails, flickr, etsy, pinterest, facebook, for 3 days!  I know, the world will stop revolving!  With this mini vacation also marks the end of summer.  Once we get back we'll be starting school.  Eek!  Also, Ben and I have decided that for the first week of school to go on a media fast.  No movies, internet and the like.  I did ask if I would be able to use the computer at night once the kids are in bed since I do have commitments that need to be kept, and he agreed.  Phew.

This week has also been busy for me in cleaning, quilting and preparing to school.  I will post all my quilting updates on Wednesday with the WIP post, but I will let you know that I am excited to tell you all of what I finished this week.  :)  My house is looking pretty clean, more organization is needed, then again, when isn't it?

Oh, I also will be starting the Homemakers 31 Days to Clean Challenge on the 1st as well so be prepared to see posts on that.  I will also be linking up weekly to a homeschooling link about MFW.  My sidebar has a button link on that.  I think that's it for now.  I'll see you all on Wednesday!

Oh, one more thing!  Don't forget that once I get up to 50 followers I'll be coordinating a giveaway with Fat Quarter Shop, my SPONSOR!
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