Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 1 of Homemaker's Challenge: 31 Days to Clean

Today is day one of our challenges.  It has nothing to do with physically cleaning a single spot in my house.  Why you may ask?  One major reason, needing to know our 'Why' we want to clean.  Without our 'why', will we stick to our new commitment?  Doubtful.  So, here is my why:

To show God I am a good steward of what He's given me.
To have order in my home.
To raise children knowing how to be diligent and faithful.
To set a proper example to my children of a godly wife/mother.
To be able to invite people over without embarrassment.
To be obedient to God.

I pray that I go through these challenges, again, that it will create in me a desire to do all God would have me to do in this season of my life as well as to encourage others who are in a similar season.  

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