Sunday, January 1, 2012

3 in 30 Challenge

3in30 Challenge

I've been seeing this challenge over at Sam's Noggin for quite a while now and thought that it was about time for me to utilize it myself.  So, for the next year, in order to help accomplish my New Year's resolution I am implementing this challenge.  I chose to break it down into three categories: personal, blog, homeschool.

1. My personal goal for January: 
-I am training for a 5k using an 8 week schedule.  Starting January 2nd.  I will also be linking to Sam's Noggin Stick with it Saturdays as well.
-I'll be reading the Bible in 90 Days starting January 16th
-Starting the 31 Days to Clean on the 2nd, been in a funk and my home has suffered.

2. Blog: Bring balance to it by including more homeschool related posts.  This means writing a weekly review of  what we did the past week, most likely on either Saturday or Sunday.
-I am also going to be writing a tutorial for the Intrepid Thread as well.  Rather nervous about it, and excited as well.  

3. Homeschool:  Get ourselves back into a routine.  I've been in a funk and it's affected the kids.  Adjust our schedule and commit to sticking to it.  This will mean less time sitting at the computer reading blogs, looking at my tablet for the newest tweet and refraining from computer time until after my other obligations have been met.

I will be linking up over at  

Happy New Year to everyone!

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