Friday, January 13, 2012

3in30 Challenge: Week #2

Well, it's been a so-so week. 
1. Exercise: Went two days this week.  I don't have a gym membership and have been running outside and well, this week it's rained and snowed for most of it.  :(
    31 Days to Clean: I haven't been following along.  Bad me!  I did try to reclaim the girl's laundry mess and now my living room looks like it exploded.  Sigh
     Bible in 90 Days starts up this coming Monday, I hope that I stick with this better than the last time I tried.
2. Blog balance: Not there yet, need to work on #3 for this to work!
3. Homeschool: Just.Kill.Me.Now!  I need to get off my procrastinating butt and get back on track!  Prayers are always appreciated!

Well, that's my not too exciting 3 in 30.  Linking up @ 3in30.
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