Friday, January 6, 2012

3in30: 1st Week check-in


First week's progress.
1.  Personal Goal:
   *Exercise program.  I have run three days this week as well as done yoga and cardio.  So far, so good!
   * Bible in 90 hasn't started so no progress there.
   * 31 Days to Clean, today is Day 4 and I'm slightly behind.  Working to catch up this weekend.

2. Blog balance:  I haven't posted much this week, not much of a balance.  :)  This one may need some tweaking.

3. Homeschool:  Still lifting myself out of the funk, but I must admit I haven't done much to do so.  Will change that this weekend!

Sigh, not as much progress as I would have hoped.  I need to stick to my commitments and not let other things deter me from my goals, such as myself!  

How have you done this week?  
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