Thursday, January 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday...a day late.

Well, trying to get back into the swing of things after the holidays seems to have been a bit difficult.  I am currently trying to finish off 3x6 blocks for two hives, am involved in three other bees, and am trying to get my house back in order and the kid's schooling back on track.  Oh, and I've also decided to get back into shape.  Nope, not busy at all.
Anyways, here are some of my wips.  I don't have all the pictures for everything, but this will give you an idea:
                                              Moody Blues Block for Leah
                                              2nd block for Leah
                                             One of 12 3x6 Blocks for the 3x6 Mini Sampler Bee
                                            All of the 3x6 blocks cut out
I also crocheted two cowls, another bee block for Sew.Bee.Create Bee and am trying to regain my home.  I am currently in the process of going through my daughter's clothing ( I have 4 of them and they have a lot!)  I think that I may go through and pull out their best to keep, some to put aside specifically for play and donate the rest.  I just have too much with no place for it all!  Anyways, that is where I am.  Hopefully, I'll be more organized for next week's link up.  :)

I will, however, link to Mel's TNT Thursday because those blocks for Leah were something new for me.  Wonky is not something I've done.  I usually follow a pattern.  :)
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