Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Surprise in the mail!

Isn't it lovely!  Now, I know it's a prize package from a giveaway.  It came with 3 Aurifil thread packs, two Famore scissors, 3 sisters pouch, kangaroo pouch, arrow cabinets t-shirt, clover pins, and warm and natural batting. Woohoo!  But for the life of me I can't remember who's giveaway it was in order to give a shout out!  The sender's last name is Ellis.  So, if it's you or someone you know, please tell me.   I'd love to give a proper thank-you!  
Now, I have a ton of sewing to do today, so I'll be testing out the pins and scissors.  Have ideas for the pouches, but am unsure how I want to use the thread.  Ideas? 

Thanks to Sallie, I now remember who this was from!  Amy from Amy's Creative Side's Holiday Wish List for Quilter's Giveaway!
So, Thank you Amy!  I have already filled the cute little Kangaroo bag with some sewing notions: pins, scissors, pens & pencils.  The cute little pouch there on the left is full of thread, the 3 packs of Aurifil that came inside and all my Gutterman thread.  I'm trying to transition from Coats and Clark over to Gutterman, now it'll all be in one place!    

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