Friday, October 28, 2011

Blogger's Quilt Festival


Amy over at Amy's Creative Side, is hosting the annual Blogger's Quilt Festival.  Since I'm a fairly new blogger, I wasn't sure what quilt I should post.  I've decided to chose the one I created for my in-laws fortieth wedding anniversary.  Back around last December, my sister-in-law asked me if I'd be interested in creating a  family tree quilt.  I agreed not realizing just how much work I was giving myself! Now, because of being a new blogger, I hadn't even considered creating one back then, I don't have many pictures.

I wanted this quilt to represent the family in a special way as well as showcase the Biblical heritage they raised their children upon.  I chose to create two roots, one each to represent my father and mother-in-law.  The roots were grounded upon the Bible, with their favorite verse written upon it.  Out of those two roots grew four branches, one for each child.  Each branch then had their spouses grafted to them with wedding bands.  From the branches came forth apples, each representing the grandchildren.  I printed the grandkid's pictures onto fabric and framed them within the leaf of the apple.  This quilt took me all of the entire six months I had to create it, I had to wait for grandbaby 17 to be born!  She arrived 1 week before the quilt needed to be finished!  It was well worth all the effort.  I learned so much from it as well, the biggest being patience in the process of what your mind thinks and it's transference onto paper and then onto fabric!
Here are what pictures I was able to find:

 What the apples looked like:
 The Bible with it's verse written on:

 When the family was rooted:
The entire tree in it's completion:

Phew, I am tired after recounting the process, but would totally do it again!  I had great fun!  It is now hanging in their main entry for all to see.  I am linking this over at Ann's Creative Side
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