Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MFW Recap

This week the kids learned more of the Great Flood and just how 'uncute' the true Ark really was.  How it didn't have animal heads sticking out the sides and all that, as seen below.

But instead learned how functional and huge it really was.
This week the kids also created "Edible Cells."  Now, you must realize that just because it says edible, it by no means implies healthy.
 In each bowl is lemon jello with their respective parts laid out on the napkins.
Here they are assembling their cells.
 Here is a closer look at their cell parts.
 DS with his finished cell.
 DD, looking so pleased for the camera, with her finished cell.
 Here they are tasting their creations.

All in all, a fun week.  I even had DD state that she was having fun-in SCIENCE!
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