Friday, October 7, 2011

Not So WIP is Friday after all!

Well, with my DD having a birthday on Thursday and having a sleepover this past weekend, my becoming a Queen Bee with some amazing ladies for the 3x6 Mini Bee, and life in general, I've been a little lax in my posting.  So, to recap what I have accomplished this week.  NOT MUCH!  At least not in the quilting realm.  Life had a lot of stuff happening which always pushes the extra-curricular to the back burner.  I did find the block I want to use for the NuBee Swap and am looking in my stash to see if I have enough fabric to get away without purchasing anything; we'll see.  I also found a zipper for the PLP Swap, so I can finally get started on that.  I assembled all the blocks for the Across the Sea QAL, now just need to put the top together.  I realized that I don't have enough fabric for the back as described for the QAL, so I'll be using some fabric I have on hand, possibly flannel.  I didn't touch my "Project Me" project, but I have less than ten days to finish it for the challenge, so I'll need to get a move on.  Well, my dishes are screaming my name as well as my loud dryer-which just buzzed.  Oh, the irony.  And since this such a long post, I'll put up a picture of my ATSQAL progress as well as the wonderful ALFALC Swap package I received this past week full of wonderful goodies!
* The yarn in the photo, camera doesn't do it justice, was hand-dyed in her kitchen.  How awesome!*
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