Monday, November 7, 2011

Manic Monday #3


This is my list from last week:
1. Getting the next set of school lessons written out
2. Continue my exercise routine
3. Finish Stocking for Stockings for Christmas Drive
4. Finish pouches for a business opportunity
5. Catch up my Christmas Sampler Quiltalong, my computer and printer weren't talking to each other.
6. Lonestar quilt
7. Table runner
8. Get my housecleaning back in check, it's run away from me!

Okay, so not much done off of the list-Yikes!  So for this week:

1. Exercise routine, fell off of the wagon last week trying to get those pouches made!
2. School lessons, the kids don't mind I've fallen behind.  :)  Really need to get some plans made for while they're out of town.
3. Christmas Sampler Quiltalong, my computer and printer are now talking to each other.  Yay!
4. Housecleaning, can't leave for vacation with a disaster of a house.  
5. Catch up on laundry and get the kids packed for a 10 day stay at Grandma and Grandpa's.
6. Charms Pack Quiltalong
7. Bee blocks!
8. Whatever else I'm forgetting, I know I am!  

So, what are you all doing this week?  

Oh, and I did have a finish this past weekend, I made a purse (my first one), for a friend of mine for her bridal shower.  She loved it!  Her mother wants me to make one for her in purple.  

{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge CreationsI will be linking this finished purse over at Canoe Ridge Creations Sew Modern Monday:

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