Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Social Media, Behave!

Sarah Mae's friend, Laura…
…author of the blogs 10 Million Miles and The Homeschool Babyand the eBook, Blogger Behave, is taking over Sarah Mae's blog for the week beginning on Monday! Why you ask? In her own words…
“God is calling us to use our online presence for His glory. He’s got big ideas for your every tweet, status, pin, and blog post… ideas that will bring real and meaningful light to this limitless online space.  Take a look around and you’ll see His ideas at work. He’s shaping our hearts to want what He wants. We are feeling compelled to write well, tell useful stories, speak out for the oppressed, promote ethical companies, steward our God-given abilities, and make the most of our time online and offline. This is a huge undertaking, and it’s not easy territory. We’re smart enough to know that by dipping our toe into the vortex of social media, we risk being pulled into its dizzying demands. But, don’t worry, He won’t leave us to fend for ourselves. He’s the one planting the desires in our hearts, He’ll equip us with the know-how. This week, I want to share a handful of ways in which I’ve come to enjoy making social media behave, so that I can hear God’s voice and happily obey Him. But I want to hear your ideas, too. I’ve asked Sarah Mae to borrow her space so that we can join together and begin a lasting conversation about how we can use social media wisely. I’ll need ten minutes of your time every day this week in the hopes of freeing you up for moreAre you in?”
If so, click on the icon above and sign up on their page!  Also, I'd love to see who of you following me are also joining in, so if you would please link up with me as well!

See you all on Monday!

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