Monday, November 28, 2011

Social Media, Behave! Day #1

My Expectations of Social Media

1.  It is a way for me to document my families daily doings.  How we're growing, struggling, persevering through life while looking to Christ for wisdom and guidance.

2.  An outlet for my quilting, a place to keep track of my projects, interact with others in the field in order to grow friendships, glean new skills, and improve my overall abilities in the sewing arena.

3. To encourage others out there that there are many ways in which we can minister, it's a place to keep one humble.  

4.  To interact with others who are homeschooling for encouragement and tips on how to better help my own family and to pass on what I've learned along the way.

With this list I've realized that I'm someone who likes affirmation.  I check into my 'stats' way more than is necessary.  I also tend to use it as a way of escape when it seems like life is getting difficult and I want to unplug.  I am allowing it to draw me away from more important things.  Thank you Laura, for bringing perspective!
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