Sunday, June 5, 2011

As Promised..the before photos

As much as I am ashamed to put these up...I will to stay accountable.
This is bedroom #1, the girls room.  As you can see, they like to take out all of their clothing and leave it dispersed all over the floor.
Bedroom #2, the other kids room.  Same issue with the clothing as well as toys.
Bathroom #1, the main one, not too bad.
Hallway leading to last three rooms.  Door directly in front is the closet and the one to the right is the unfinished basement.
Dining Room/Entry Way.
Living Room, view #1
Living Room, view #2
Dining room/Entry Way, view #2
Kitchen, view #1
Kitchen, view #2
School Room
Mud Room
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
As you can see, I have a lot to learn with this challenge!  Please pray for me as I undergo this endeavor to not give in and to not get frustrated when the kids add extra challenges along the way!  Thank you all.
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