Friday, June 17, 2011

End of the day

Well, today was a busy day.  I was able to maintain the kitchen and the dining room, yay!  I was able to clean a 'hot spot' in the school room as well as clean the main bathroom.  We had a piano recital for the two oldest today so it was a shorter day in which to get everything accomplished.  I did start one bedroom but ran out of time.  Will finish tomorrow.  I went online today and ordered shelves and bins to organize the kids clothing inside their closets.  With six kids, there just isn't enough room for dressers!  The roll away bins under the beds just don't have enough room.  I'm hoping with the bins it'll reduce the mess on the floors under their beds due to clothing falling out.  Well, I did take before and after photos of the bathroom and the hot spot in the schoolroom.
Bathroom before:
Bathroom after:
The schoolroom 'hot spot' before:
I plan on hanging the peg board and white board above the desk.  I am planning on using the multi-colored bin for our family workbox in school and the two black ones are for Mariah and Thomas.  I also plan on buying the magazine boxes for Naomi and Rachael, still on the fence on one for Rebekah.
Here are my two pianists:
They both did an excellent job!
Tomorrow I plan on finishing the one bedroom, more laundry (it never ends!) and trying to get to the other kid's bedroom!  The challenge of writing my 'Six List' has helped me to stay on track immensely!  Night all!
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