Saturday, June 4, 2011

The End of Saturday

Don't you just love how you have 'plans'?  They are always so grand and seem so doable!  Well, I accomplished my shopping for today, fed the kids and bathed them.  We had our normal play and did accomplish a smidge of cleaning.  I am really dreading taking those photos tomorrow; and I can't even use a good excuse since I bought the batteries for the camera!  It certainly seems like it would be so easy to give up before I even start, but then what kind of an example would I be?  Signing up for this focus group and starting this blog are really going to stretch me, and the challenge hasn't even begun!  I am thankful to each of you following me, I will be coveting your prayers!  I also would love for you to comment on any of the posts to make sure I'm sticking to this.  I will try to comment at least once at the end of the day to summarize how it went.
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